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HydroFoil Pro Tour La Ventana 2017

This event taught me so much. I had already shot kite foiling regattas with my water housing, but not a fleet of sixty something of them. One of the many things I learned about the sports is that during a race, competitors turn into animals. There are racers from all over the world in the water, so languages become useless unless you are screaming "Protest!". When they want to communicate something they use loud noises instead. Most of the time they want to say, "Get the hell out of my way!". Since racing is quite intense, all they can do is scream out emotions. 

Lord of the Wind 2017

This was my first time shooting the Lord of the Wind, a notorious event in Los Barriles, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Mostly an American audience and riders. This was my first event ever using a water housing. It was definitely hard to shoot good images not knowing everything you learn after just a few sessions but I managed to get a few. 

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